Grey greenish turtle breaking from the cage

Moving so slowly through dirt weeds and sage

Withdrawing inward at each sharp sound

Into your shell so solid and round


Do your legs move fast when would dogs at at your tail?

Does the spark inside make your body sail?

Do you ever let do of the withdraw and refrain?

Does the butterfly release out of the cocoon’s pain?


Your life is in danger out in these fields of grass

You better be careful, better watch your ass

You’ll never know from where a wild wind will crack

The wild force of heaven could land you on your back


What is this strange desire  that lulls you from the cage?

Is it sweet redemption or the devil’s rage?

What is it that awaits you beyond this shell of might?

The wings of glory call you into the night


Written by Robert Heirendt – 7/20/00 – Oakland

Inspired by a weird dream