Brown matted weaving of vines

Wrapping around green majestic holly bush

Woven together – one species onto the other

Like lovers with a thousand interlocking limbs

This finger touching soft surface of skin

This leaf caressing smooth bark

Connected to the some soil

Empowered by the same sunlight

Each affecting the other in ways unseen

In this timeless dance of life, death and ceaseless change


Wind upon wind

Hand within hand

Constant revolving

Flesh of the land


Wind dancing on the surface of green summer grass

Blades trembling with anticipation

Moving in counterpoint rhythms intertwined

Solid earth wrapped around roots

Pumping veins full of life’s rich nectar

Growing deeper and deeper below the surface

Life existing in the frail balance between two worlds


– Chorus –


Walking slowly on the sand

Feeling warm impact of the sun’s light under surface of bare feet

Waves splash a greeting of stinging coolness

A regathering at the water’s edge

This sacred meeting place of earth and sky and sea


– Chorus –


by Robert Heirendt, 1/21/03, Grass Valley,

inspired in part by “Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh” by Matthew Fox