Silver polar skyway

Trance inducing passion play

Grey cloud floating over flaming mud

Burning cross of frozen grace

Bitter jelly skinny face

Filling up empty space


Weedy chaos bedrock

Sly invention cool shock

Rippled motion swirling lemonade

Hungry liquid ocean way

Stringy shiver human race

Standing tall within a broken shell

Filling up empty space


Weary still molasses dream

Grinding gear of silent scream

Cool wind whistling through a hollow bone

Hurried sunshine bitter taste

Blind intention scary place

Filling up empty space


Here in this cold room

Can’t here a sound but this ring in my ear

Alone here in the dark

When you’re not here my heart turns to stone

Wish you were here


Years seem to pass

Days trickle down like rain on the pass

Grey fade into blue

Wish you were here


Don’t stay away

Don’t stay away too long

Don’t hide away


Here in this cold room I can’t a sound


Written by Robert Heirendt & Joe Spezza – 4/01 – Oakland