Soft Sea Creatures Collaborators – Part 2 – Arjuna

I first met Arjuna when I was living in a musical household in the bay area in the mid-90s. My roommates and I used to regularly host eclectic jam session gatherings. I was quite impressed with Arjuna’s masterful Tibetan style throat singing. He could get harmonics off of his voice that I had never heard before. He also had the largest selection of Tibetan singing bowls that I had ever seen. He later started an underground performance venue in Oakland called Tuva which became a mainstay for the East Bay experimental music scene. He hosted many amazing and inspiring nights of music during the few years that Tuva was happening.  Later, Arjuna began experimenting with creating his own unique sound produced by him performing throat-singing through a Tibetan long horn. This unique and rich sound is featured prominently on his beautiful recording “Humwichawa”.

When my friend Scott Weiser and I were working on our collaborative recording of “Splatter Puddle”, we were looking for organic sources of ambience. So Scott and I took my portable recording gear out to Tuva and recorded Arjuna playing his amazing singing bowls on this track.

Arjuna eventually moved out to Joshua Tree where he continues to compose and record his fine compositions and soundscapes.

Check out his website below: