Soft Sea Creatures Collaborators – Part 3 – Myles Boisen

Myles Boisen is a guitarist, composer, and recording/ mastering engineer. He owns and operates Guerilla Recording and Headless Buddha mastering lab in Oakland. He has recorded with Tom Waits, Fred Frith and John Zorn – all artists  for whom I have a high level of admiration and respect.

In the spring of 2000, I was working on a recording for a compilation album and did some sessions at Myles’ studio. I recognized him from having seen him perform with Splatter Trio and Club Foot Orchestra. I was impressed with his creative playing, great tone and overall esthetic. During my that first session, he mentioned to me that he was a fan of Zimbabwean pop singer Thomas Mapfumo. I remembered this when I was looking for a guitarist to give my track “Beast” some groove and attitude. He was fun to work with and I really enjoy his parts on this track.